Baby girl she's always talkin name droppin hangin late
Drinkin smokin hates her baby daddy, craves shoppin
E poppin Ecstasy takin, won't finish her education
Best friend she keeps changin, stuck with limitations
Lustin men, many hotels, Fendi Chanel
With nothin in her bank account frontin she do well
Her kid suffers he don't get that love he deserve
He the Sun, she the Earth, single mom, even worse
No job never stay workin, mad purty
Shorty they call her the brain surgeon
Time flyin she the same person, never matures
All her friends married doin well
She's in the streets yakkety yakkin like she was 12
Honey is twenty-seven, argues fights
Selfish in her own right, for life, guess she's in her second childhood
I'm in agreement with that
But "Protect our system of checks and balances" is a slogan way over the heads of the voters who put him in there. Try again, ACLU.
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i know the whole chuck norris thing is has already been beaten to death, but I kind of wish there was something at the bottom reminding us that chuck norris actually is above the law
Steven Segal is above the law.
And he's about to kick your ass for confusing him with that unshaved pussy arcane relic Chuck Norris.