pacman inkee


incoming, originally uploaded by hep.

plane landing over bay at sfo. i feel really creative lately, tons of ideas constantly hitting me. last night regul8, tehdely (who is visiting sf for some o'reilly conf), his friend and I went to Dorkbot. Beforehand we picked them up at the conf hotel near SFO and I snapped off some shots of planes taking off and landing (very blurry shots at times since it was FREEZING and I had no tripod) I am going back some night this week armed with a tripod, several hoodies, and a flask of cocoa if anyone else wants to tag along. I will also be going some afternoon or morning over the next week to shoot some daylight winter plane pics. Spring is coming. Time to make shit again.

that's really well done, keewee - looks like a glowing lamp hanging over the bay, illuminating a patch of water. try to experiment with this some more!
awe thanks! i feel really extra proud because I haven't created anything in months that I have been happy with. I feel like I am finally getting over a creative bloc!
I'm calling the department of homeland security on you, like now.
What you need to get for snapping photos near the airport is one of those really huge telephoto lenses, the ones that look like rifles.
I dig it.
I challenge you to a photo-off. I'm armed with my new cam...