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So I decided I want to be a molecular biologist. I registered at ccsf
where I am going to pursue a transfer associate in biology. Then my plan is to transfer to a state college for a BS in biology. Then I am not sure, but I am sure there are very smart people out there whose unpleasant job it is to guide my thru my educational goals to the end point of "spent a lot of money for shiny piece of paper of your choice". No wait those people hate their jobs so I would prolly end up a fry cook with a degree in political science or something. I am going to research bay area colleges and see if any of them are particularly good in biology, specifically molecular biology. Does anyone know anything about this? Plz advz!
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Well my friend Ellen got her degree in Mollecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. She's now getting closer to finishing her Ph.D. at UC San Diego.
i would suggest talking to people in the field, they would know what schools to pursue. you might contact one/more biologists working at UCSF. the ones i met there were really nice. but this was a while back and they were researchers, part of the human genome project. they might even be open to mentoring , if you are into that.
I know a couple of biologists who graduated from UC Santa Cruz. Don't know if that means it's a good school or not, but these friends have not had a problem staying gainfully employed.

Also, as mentioned above, UC Berkeley is a top notch school for the sciences.

Off hand, why Molecular Biologist?
I decided it sounded really interesting, but if I decide I don't want to do it there is a lot of other really neat stuff happening in bio right now so I have mad options. I like science a lot and it seems to be a really interesting direction right now. I am going to look at both UCSC and berk fo sheezy. Berk was on my short list to begin with, and I am going to look at Stanford too I think.
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I seem to recall the bay area being one of the centers of pharmaceutical research in the country (the other being the more diffuse boston/newyork/eastcoast/midwest quasi-axis [mainly saying midwest because of e. lilly in indianapolis]), and they seem to always have a hankering for mol bio people. (Esp, holyshitesp, if you've got computer experience and are down with the sort of numerical hijinks and data mining the computational (cheminformatics|bioinformatics|biology) people get up to, because modern pharma research is very much about reducing costs by doing a lot of up-front in silico work vs. later in vivio work.)

(Disclaimer, I'm a chemist, not a biologist.)

I realize that this may be tangental to your question but I figured that "what-to-do-after-degree" is of interest as well. I guess my point is that you're in a good place if that's the direction you want to go.

(There's also a fair number of pharma software companies in santa fe, iirc, giving the place the nickname "informatics mesa" a la silicon valley; but my knowledge is several years old at this point.)

Good luck! :)
BTW a lot of people freak out about organic, if you haven't had it, but it's not terrible. The secret is to look for the rules that you can abstract from all the massive amounts of reactions so that you can sort of predict without having to memorize what a rxn system will do. (And all of those rules can be summed up as "electrons are negative, and will go towards positive or partially positive areas on the target". ;))
a+++ i am sure you will soon see many panicked omg im overwhelmed with [x]class rants soon from me so any tips are appreciated!
I thought you were perpetually retired forever... and remember, school ad job means less regul8 and less WoW.
regul8 is going to go to school too. And I am getting kind of tired of wow so I need a new hobby.
UCLA has a better program than any of the ones around you ;)

But next week you're gonna wanna be something else entirely anyways
i kind of want to stay in the yay area tho bcuz I dont want to 1) move or 2) live in a dorm. So that ties me up here.

And I don't think I will change my mind. I have been researching and thinking about this a lot. It's my first school goal in awhile and I have a pretty clear positive track record on the front.
Well, I know nothing about this, but go you!

I am always in favor of more school.
when i was in school the first time the joke was always that i would get a polisci degree and work at a coffee shop because i am so politically active and i find politics super interesting. IT MIGHT STILL HAPPEN OH NOES! do you work at a coffee shop? plz advz