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Hello Internet!

I am in need of new music. I listen to stuff like this! Please help me by throwing me a new artist you are really into and someone old that you still love. Links to mp3s are a++++
  • Current Music: Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia (Single Version)
Oh hay you.

I was just thinking about you when I linked to Mong Hang's myspace... see comment from me below.
Maybe we could start out as lj friends.

I got proposed to by a homeless guy this week and i am still considering him.
Kind of shocked not to see know about them, right?

There's also a new band out of England called the Arctic Monkeys, I'm quite taken with their single, "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor." (If I had a nickel for every time in my life I've said the phrase "new band out of England...")
hep you know I love you but your music sux. Also thanks for reminding me about audioscrobbler, I forgot I once used it. Installed plugin and hopefully will start uproading data in the morning.
So Alive 4:17 Love and Rockets Love and Rockets
How Soon Is Now? 6:44 The Smiths Hatful Of Hollow
Shake The Disease 4:46 Depeche Mode The Singles 1981-1985
Angel 6:19 Massive Attack Mezzanine
Lose My Breath 3:39 My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything
He War 3:32 Cat Power You Are Free
Maniac 4:01 PJ Harvey C'mon Billy (3-Track Version)
Apartment 31 4:43 Goon Moon I Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine
Ashes To Ashes 4:27 David Bowie Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
King Kong 4:10 Psapp Tiger, My Friend
Strange 2:33 R.E.M. Document
Oh Comely 8:18 Neutral Milk Hotel In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
The Nurse Who Loved Me 4:25 Failure Fantastic Planet
I Smoke a Lot 2:49 k's Choice The Great Subconscious Club
Inner Peace 3:36 Nellie McKay Get Away From Me
Is She Weird 3:01 Pixies Bossanova
Mosquito Song 5:38 Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf

ten buck says when this posts it looks all fucked up. anyhow, it's my current fav mix and I was planning on giving you a mix cd soon anyhow.
new: TV On the Radio (not new to anyone else i guess)

old: Mission of Burma
Have you tried The Flaming Stars? Nick Cave-like vocals, kinda dark surf-punk instrumentals.

Other ideas here.

And what's up with "this user last played a track 44 days ago"?
i have a bunch of peripheral shit shut down for wowing and I forget to start it back up during those brief non-wow periods. Plus we usually play music on the extra laptop lately (i have a laptop that i wow on, and a desktop that i havent put back up since we moved, yuri has two laptops for working, and one desktop for gaming in the bedroom. So usually music is on the non-wow, non-wow cheating laptop!)
The Guillemots
Kaiser Chiefs
Architecture in Helsinki
Of Montreal
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

That's off the top of my head.
I used to play sega and skateboard with the singer of Of Montreal; his brother was my brother's best friend
Circ (
Freezepop (
Love Psychedelico (

Given that you Josie and the Pussycats, if that's the movie version, then Letters to Cleo, as well, it's almost the same ;)
Cibo Matto
Archers of Loaf
Go Betty Go
Man or Astroman?