I saw it on a somethingawful forum thread, and loved the Steadman-meets-physics look of it (I know I've felt the same way deep into pages of eqns myself; chemistry might be a little better about it than physics but it was still an equation party most of the time.)

also, if not oldmeme:

http://youcsd.com/images/maskedgrader/ (mirror)

The guy took papers for a really basic physics class
at UT (physics for poets or something) and creatively
regraded them. The rest of ths story is that UT was
highly unamused that their pants were taken down in
public wrt quality of their students and assigned
work, and nearly expelled the kid on trumped up
"theft" and "B&E" charges (stole the papers, and then
... put them back again?). (He was a sometimes participant
in an irc channel I idle on, so I heard the story unfold
in real time.)

Cool, I can show that to people who ask what it is I do in class.
I've seen that before, but can't exactly place where. My brain is telling me it's from a back issue of Metal Hurlant (aka, the original Heavy Metal)