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LJ Tour 2K6

LJ/6Apart Tour
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Last night after the Flickr 2yr Bday Party, certain Bantown members received a special tour into the secretive headquarters of 6apart/LJ. Here for LLN is agent hep reporting on what goes on behind the goat.

Neato Light Logo Thing
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The nifty light projected logo on the floor of the reception office.

revmischa's Homer Chiahead revmischa's Homer Chiahead,
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the homer chiahead on revmischa's desk.

LED sign
LED sign,
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This is the programmable LED sign up near the lounge area of the LJ offices. I demand that this be made web programmable post haste. I know Cyan has done such a thing. LJ LED graffiti board pronto! Make it so!

Livejournal does not negotiate with..
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Put up during the Bantown Haxipades, this lays out exactly who Livejournal does not negotiate with. Lol internet terrorism

LJ Haiku contest
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LJ whiteboard Haiku contest.

Hep Haiku
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My entry to the whiteboard haiku contest.

lj mood = sad
lj mood = sad,
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This is the LJ Mood orb which tells the current prevalent mood across LJ. It was sad so we theorized that it was all the lonely dorks sitting home on a saturday night alone posting about cutting.
lj mood = happy
lj mood = happy,
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revmischa holding the now happy lj mood light. possibly because of all those dorks who went out throwing up a quick post about their imminently successful 1-night-stand?
aspire to leverage security flaws. that's what your luck says to me.
What's the story behind this? Was this tour some kind of peace offering / keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer kind of thing?
does the mood thing actually jack into the predominant mood on the system?
wow that's pretty cool, i guess it makes sense you can build a programmable mood just involve having to talk to EE's.
For people who don't want to talk to EE's and have US$150 in disposable income, I wrote some python code to stalk the LJ recent posts RSS feed and then ditto it's findings to an Ambient Orb amongst other things.

I don't have an A.O., so I don't know if it works.
dude that is pretty sweet. what if we built our own ambient orb? i mean its just a bunch of LEDS in a opaque plastic ball right?
Yea, it's something like that. If you built your own though, you could have much finer colour control too. The problem is, I don't really know how to control something like that over USB - qdot is trying to explain it to me when we're both not busy.