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I am a Tab drinker. All of my "solid" sources for Tab have dried up in the past month. I can no longer find it anywhere. I hope "Tab Energy" isn't just Tab.

Up until now Tab has held on without any advertising. I don't think they promote it because it contains saccharine. It has a very high caffeine content, so my fear is that they swapped out the saccharine for aspertane (or something), redesigned the label and relaunched it. I'll be bummed if that is the case.

I knew it.
down on the lower left corner of the package

"low carb energy drink"


I lived on Tab, Sunflower Seeds and Piroski's during my teens ... it carried over to the "after the bar days". Yay for Pardini's on Mission St., in the Excelsior District (where I grew up). I'm a bit scared of the new Tab tho!