good to see you last night @ the thing. everything work out ok with that? sorry if I was acting weird, I was totally on another plane. :p

hahah no you werent weird at all! yeah it worked out awesome. i came home and cuddled regulate all morning. hook me up with your friend jessie, she is a hottie plz advz
right on. =] did you take your 5-HTP and multivitamins?
ps. i'll try to get you her # at some point soon. she lives in vistacion. :p
Thank you so much!! These totally RAWKK! Aaaaaaaaaah!!
I am full of appreciation and awe!WHOOT!
oh np! if you want high rez images or anything i can burn em and give em to ya guys. it was a fun shoot even tho my camera was broken (hence somewhat pixely quality in some shots), i wanna shoot you guys not onstage sometime
AWESOME! That would be great!

We've got a friends/family thing coming up; we'll be shooting the last show a few times for the DVD; maybe you'll want to join us and shoot stills?
that sounds like a lovely idea
my new camera will be here then too!
did anyone else look at the two people on the right and think, "hep went to see 'cats'?". . . maybe it's just the oxycontin talking. . .
wow and double wow and thank you so much! these are quite awesome. I can't wait to show these links around!