pacman inkee

my kitty is retarded

my kitty is retarded, originally uploaded by hep.

awk broke her paw sometime this wknd, doing lord knows what. probably

falling off something since she is the world's least graceful cat. she

has a big fat cast and no energy to move. my poor little kitty.

sed died a few years ago. i dont think grep has noticed the cast
**pet pet** poor kit-kat..

unrelated.. i have some questions..based on your photos of pillow wacking and mad-hatters, you seem to be properly "in tune" with the happenings of san fran.. my gf and i will me roaming the area from the 17th-20th.. then back on the 25th.. is anything absolutely fantastic occuring in those time frames? i know there's some from of anti-war yelling fest thingy on the 18th.. is there anything else that you know of?
many thanks!
hmm i dont know of anything offhand yet, but i usually dont start planning/hearing about stuff until about a week ahead of time. i will keep my ears open tho and let you know