Down here we similarly know a clear day because you can see all of Catalina Island (26 miles off the coast). It takes a day to sail there, and it's a lovely trip.
i went to hs in pacifica back in the day. i used to live in linda mar about 3blocks from the beach

Having sailed past them several times, I can tell you they are very pretty to see up close.
if only i wasnt so scared of water, i would love to go look at them. i have seen pictures but it never does justice to the real thing.
I know how you feel. I am not scared of water so much as the stuff *in* the water. But if you ever do get a chance to sail out that direction, (I thought there were tour boats that can take you out that far) you won't regret it.
your pictures are making me homesick. I'm wondering if I can get some copies I could frame?
if you make a flickr acct and friend me you have access to print and to the high res images. feel free!