you butthole, I had more to say:

It's one of those rumors designed to scare rather than educate people into behaving a certain way. I'm a strong believer in letting people who can't use common sense get hurt... the rest of us can thrive and reproduce. It's natures way.

I dunno, I think that it would scare people into watching their drinks more closely. The number of ditzy goth girls that I have seen set their drink on a bar and then walk off to do something else you would think the streets would be awash in daterape. However I have also seen someone I know watches their drinks get dosed with GHB just by sitting at the bar with their drink in front of them, but they are turned to the side talking with someone else. I only eat ice at clubs, and I always hold my glass. Or I drink redbull that I brought with me or have seen opened.
that is gross but an AWESOME science project! seriously that girl deserves mad props