Eww!! nvi > vim!

Also -- vi is a poor choice for a mouse. vi's obviouslly a horse's name. After all, ed is.
But that's missing the point -- If you're using a mouse with pico, you're doing the wrong thing!
Hello, rat!

I remember when Karen/wormhog had Q. He was a cool rat.
So then the mangy, non-pet rats you find everywhere in major cities can all be called vi? Not as pampered, less friendly, but they get the job done, and they're already installed everywhere.

(Make your own Linux jokes about using Vim "compatibility" mode in place of true vi.)
I picked up on actual commentary that "he" is a she. My apologies to the little lady.
she doesn't mind. Zane's first pet was a male mouse named bash that died of natural causes after a year. when we got vim, since both were black and white rodents, i called her he for about 6 months. hehe