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presents, originally uploaded by hep.

twid sent me presents recently and I took a pic that I forgot to upload. Twid is an awesome guy and I am excited that he got me so many things to make me think about cool stuff. thinking about cool stuff rules. thanks twid!

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You've seen what it's known for. It's the first film which had long time-lapsed exposures of city streets with the car lights making streaks along the road way.
Worth noting, there are two other films (it's kind of hard to call them sequels, but I suppose they are) -- Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqatsi. I haven't seen them though, so I can't vouch for whether they're good or not.
koyaanisqatsi is great, especially the score (I don't usually like Phillip Glass, but he's brilliant here)
A warning -- Koyaanisqatsi, while beautiful, is dull. It was intended to effectively hypnotize people. You might've guessed that from Philip Glass (ha ha ha).

A recommendation re:Christianity -- "Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism: A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture" by John Shelby Spong. A valuable resource to atheist and non-fundamentalist alike.

"In the Dark Places of Wisdom" by Peter Kingsley occurs to me with recommendations on Buddhism as well. I can't actually recommend it though. The writing style is hackish in places and his thesis that Plato and Socrates tried to cover up Parmeniedes is mostly undefended. With that in mind, it does give a nice picture of pre-Socratic philosophy which incorporated much more in the way of mysticism.