The first anti-war banner I've seen that I don't agree with.

the point is that too many liberals are getting into "support the troops not the war" which just dilutes the anti war point and codify's the right ANYWAY.

I think more people should spit on veterans when they come home like they did in vietnam.

only it's more deserved now... because there's not a draft

I grew up very poor and i'm in lots and lots of debt now but i figured out a way to pay for college without strapping a gun on and other people can

so yeah..

fuck the fucking troops
If their point was to troll, then yeah this would be a Hall of Infam-er. However that's not their point at all.
its trolling. those arent real anarchists. real anarchists dont shower or wash their clothes.
     awesome. what's the "A" and "E" in the bottom left?
It's almost enough to make we want to troll a den of freepers.