pacman inkee


A lot of people have me friended and I have no idea how they found me. So how about this: how did you find me, why did you friend me, and why do you continue to read me. If you are an IRL friend or other longtime epal and I know the answer to that, instead tell me a story about us.

For bay area locals: i have an interview on Friday that I need to present a portrait heavy portfolio to. If you are local and have time this week, I would love to shoot some shots of you to include. You can use the shots for whatever you want as well. Plz advz, I need to have at least 5 more worthwhile shots by fri. I will shoot anyone, you, your SO, groups, and kids.
Ummm... Don't remember. I know I live in the S.F. area at the time, but that's about it.
holy. i added you in '02 - from fenixgray.. no idea what his username was back then.
When we used to phone conf with other bantown guys, I've also chatted with you on IRC. I don't know your IRL.
One time, along long e-time ago, you had this community on LJ to make fun stupid shit on LJ and the e-trouble you got into. My friend Scott who was your friend too at the time was all "hey Nicole, this is up your alley." And I joined, and posted my own ljdrama to it, and soon after, the community grew to like 500 members and you were LJ-famous. Because 500 members was a LOT back then.

And I didn't have the guts to actually friend YOU for like two more years after that.
I read that as made out :( get your jewtongue away from me :((((
I friended you a couple years ago when ljdrama was still really active. I continue to read because I like your journal, especially the pictures.
I was sitting on the trunk of my car in the parking lot of Mel's on Lombard. You pulled up in your van with unaesthetic, Pascal, and some other random guy. I closed my book, hopped in, and went off to explore PHSH with you IRCing from your hiptop the whole time.

Later that night, you tried to seduce me. I told you that my wife would kill us both if ever she found out, but you said you could make it worth my while. Pascal overheard and said he could keep our secret but you didn't trust him and we hid the body where it wouldn't be found for some time.

Oh, wait, did you mean a true story?
Back in the prehistory of the interwebs, we had a mutual friend and met through commenting.

However, I have altered it in my mind that we met while contestants on Fear Factor, back when they didn't make you eat anything but instead threatened you with Stephen Segal movies.