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“[0:01.259] Hello, Internet!
[0:02.111] I'm on the phone with <a href="">Jameth</a>,
[0:03.522] a-a-and he is drunk-dialing people,
[0:04.957] and he wanted to inform the internet of...

[0:07.402] J: Jess? Can..

[0:08.418] Yeah?

[0:09.391] J: ...can I get another drink?

[0:10.766] Heh heh!
[0:11.775] And we wanted to inform the internet
[0:13.442] that he is drunk-dialing!
[0:15.467] Go ahead, James!

[0:17.681] J: Can I get another Bacardi and Diet?

[0:19.360] Hah!

[0:20.053] J: Thank you.

[0:20.266] <a href=";drinkname=category:10">Bacardi and Diet</a>?!

[0:23.398] J: Yeah, a girl's got to watch her figure!

[0:25.478] Okay: make your post.

[0:27.072] J: Okay, okay. I am, uh...

[0:27.741] We are on the air with the internet!

[0:29.219] J: I am phone-posting
[0:30.892] on <a href="">hepkitten</a>'s <a href="">LiveJournal</a>,
[0:33.185] and I would like..-
[0:33.635] people, if you want me to
[0:35.155] drunk-dial you tonight
[0:36.159] or in the morning -
[0:37.698] which will probably be morning,
[0:38.640] 'cause it's almost midnight -
[0:40.276] go to <a href="">my LiveJournal user info page</a>
[0:42.314] and <a href="">text me</a> with your...
[0:45.087] with your telephone number,
[0:47.003] separated by dashes of course:
[0:48.554] <a href="">area code then dash</a>,
[0:49.819] then <a href="">prefix then dash</a>,
[0:50.853] and then...
[0:51.662] suffix,
[0:52.727] and then send it to me,
[0:53.894] and then I can dial you!

[0:55.999] And the internet will call you!

[0:57.775] J: The internet will c..?
[0:58.426] I really hope
[0:59.466] the internet text-messages me,
[1:01.643] and then I will call them back.

[1:03.906] Excellent.
[1:05.025] You heard me here first, internet:
[1:06.527] drunk-dial Jameth!

[1:08.072] Heh!

[1:09.708] Hi-i-i!

[1:10.560] ...

[1:16.721] OK - bye, James!

[1:17.998] ...”

Transcribed by: multiple users

Well, so much for inserting witty and useful links into a transcript.

Also, the paragraph breaks were chosen to impose a reasonable limit on line length so that simultaneous text display could keep up; the end result, though, is that the transcription reads like free verse.

Call it an unintentional feature, I s'pose.

Re: Rargh
hahaha, remember that guy Marshal McCluan? The change that the medium makes in society is its message.
ahaha, you guys would be awesome to hang out with drunk. Me being drunk too, of course!