pacman inkee


hk, originally uploaded by hep.

in case you forgot what i look like.

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it was morning ok? i hadnt showered for the first time of the day yet.
also you should really make fun of the circles under my eyes. for someone who sleeps 12-15hrs a night i look perpetually exhausted. uff and feel it too :
You took all of the pictures of yourself one day in 1994, didn't you?
Nice! Are you looking at something in particular or just looking cool?
i was looking up at the top of the door where the glass was reflecting the really gorgeous post rain clouds (there are french doors in the bedrooms of the house)
i know. yuriy and i both need one so bad. me not as much, the overgrown look does me good, but he looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
Hep is very cute! She looks kinda like the redheaded girl from Mythbusters.
Why is your mouth open? Are you unaware of what your nose is for?!?!?!
we still need to do a photoshoot, :-p we'll remember one of these days. this is great use of window lighting though :) that *is* what you did right ?