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I HATE MY DAD. this cross is heavy. i wish that stupid guard didn't stick me with his sword. FUCK YOU JUDAS I WILL SO GET BACK AT YOU.

ps john: bff!
pss paul: i can see your house from here!
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I can imagine Jesus posting about all his troubles on earth, and then God would post and be all "THIS IS YOUR DAD, I FOUND YOUR JOURNAL ON THE INTERNETS, WHAT IS ALL THIS STUFF? ARE YOU GOTH? ARE YOU ON DRUGS?, WE LOVE YOU COME HOME"
this is heps attempt to be clever. She is a misguided soul who spends her day watching Days of our Lives. Suck down some demon seed hep, maybe you can meet jesus's dads old coworker.
not until you meet my demands, I want a pair of your used granny undies, one of regulate nipple piercings, and a picture of you making out with abad.
Jesus didn't know Paul. They never met while Jesus was alive.

Judas was set up, but you got admire the only person to every successfully commit suicide twice.
I sooo love that I'm not the first one to post this
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I sooo love that I'm not the first one to post this <Jesus didn't know Paul. They never met while Jesus was alive.>

I recently had a prof explain to the class that medieval Christians were pissed off because Jesus said, "I'll be right back" but he didn't come right back.

goddson: brb
simonsays: k
simonsays: jdawg, you back?
simonsays: dude, i'm going to jtown tonight.
simonsays: burn me matisyahu plz
simonsays: HEY you back yet?
simonsays: it's been like 2000 years.
simonsays: WTF, dude.
simonsays: not cool.
simonsays: OMGFU
simonsays: what, so like you're just ignoring me now?
simonsays: i'm so unfriending you.