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Does anyone have a paypal acct that they can pay for something for me and I can pay back cash? My flickr pro acct expired and they only accept paypal. I have cash but no paypal. Plz advz I have many new photos I wish to post k thx.

plz also note that my email is currently down. i can currently be reached at
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i tried to reply but my mail bounced back. here it is:

oh man that would be so awesome. i can mail you cash, its

just that the only other way than paypal is to get a money order and mail it to CANADA. do they even HAVE mail there?! :)

how are the babies? doing well? post more pix plz. and if you ever come out here or i am out there i will shoot portraits for free for you guys :) i would do it anyway tho, i like babies

send me your address and i will mail cash to you post haste!