the bantown high councle looks awfully gay.

Whos the one thats not weev?
hep and regulates ovioular heads are EDUCATED STUPID by false academia (ALSO IMPURE)
weev's cubed head, with 4 symmetric hemispheres is PURE

lol re weevcube face
wget -qO- | sed -ne 's/<[^>]\+>//g;H;${x;y/\r\n/  /;s/&nbsp;/ /g;s/[ \t]\+/ /g;s/[-*=\.]\{5,\}//g;s/\([^\.]\+\.[^\.]\+.[^\.]\+\.\) /%%\n\n\1\n\n\t-\n\n/g;p}' | fmt

Ye gads, escaping that correctly was a pain in the tube.

too bad it's april, this would make an excellent xmas bbq card