pacman inkee


watershed, originally uploaded by hep.

as you can see, pradagirl is my flickr hookup savior. now i dont have to mail a money order to the wilds of canadakistan. do they even have mail there or is it like all carrier pigeon? plz advz.

That is gorgeous Hep.
I maybe coming to your side of the world in June.
If I make it up to North Ca, we should hang out.
i will be around in early june but then in way north cal after that (summer position) lemme know when!
If I do come it will be early June because I'm heading to Europe for the summer at the end of June.
We just started to talking about it so I'll let you know once we have the details ironed out.

Do you realize how long we've been LJ friends?
minimum of 4 years...That's a long time.