pacman inkee

from styroteqe

Choose 2 random things. I must photograph these things and post the photos in my journal.

Post this in your journal and play along.
Re: hahaha
I got some spare and'll let em free for a little straight creds, chummer.
A scene of unbelievable carnage and mayhem, the likes of which will rock the very foundation of society and a penguin :D :D :D
bonus points for not destroying the world because NO PICTURE CAN CONTAIN SUCH AWESOME WITHOUT TEMPORAL DEVASTATION

which i guess kinda goes with the mayhem and carnage theme, so yeah, what the hell.
1, Photograph the interior of your refrigerator.
2, Photograph the interior of your medicine cabinet.
What I'd like is a site like "Stuffonyourcat" except for refrigerators. Do people have the same stuff, or as I think, teh refrigerator stuff a sort of personality meter?
1. A midget eating an icecream cone. You may buy him/her the icecream cone if necessary.

2. A hooker wearing a Web 2.0/CodeCon/Emerging Technologies/etc.-type conference t-shirt with fuck-me boots. Defcon shirts don't count.