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transamerica pyramid

transamerica pyramid, originally uploaded by hep.

Sorry to not have posted lately, but I have been a very busy hepbee. I now have two new regular jobs, the first shooting for an awessome hiphop print magazine (which has distribution in 27 cities), and the second working in a studio here in the bay shooting, well, everything. The first assignment is to shoot the catalog of a major women's clothing line. I am super excited about both, but nervous as this is far more work than I have done in years and my energy levels are never great to begin with. But I am really looking forward to learning some new stuff (I have never shot fashion or food before, the studio does a lot of both, chefs, modeling contracts, runway stuff, etc) Now I need to shower and get downtown in the next 40 mins to cover all the anti-immigration stuff going on today. Wish me luck!

Great Pic! (as usual for you Hep), Don't be nervous! the more work you do the more your energy levels will increase. Hmmm, thats not a linear relation either, up to a point your energy increases faster than the work you undertake. :)
Time to get over your midlife crisis and maybe do some fashion designing too.

congratulations on landing it :D

I'm looking for a photo related job now. if you know of anything at the place you work, let an Omar know. =]