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I need a girl. What I mean is, I work in fashion now and I get to dress casual to work, so I need to buy new pants. However I don't know the first thing about clothes beyond "ITS PINK AND FROM THE CHILDREN'S SECTION BUY BUY BUY" so I need someone with fashion sense to take me shopping to buy a couple nice pairs of jeans. I don't need super designer Marc Jacobs $5000 jeans (does Marc Jacobs even make jeans? I dont even know who Marc Jacobs *IS* other than someone at work mentioned it the other day!) just something that isn't Old Navy clearance which is what I usually get and they tend to wear out really fast in the knees for me. (no bj jokes plz) So basically I am looking for some fashionista to take me shopping because my fashionista boyfriend is too lazy. Plz Advz.
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I'd recommend one of the local homofruits. We are extremely obliging and efficient shopping buddies, and will actually tell you if these jeans make your ass look fat.
I am down with homoshopper network (lol @ homeshopping pun) I have no preference, mostly I just need someone who knows where to go, what to look for, etc. I wouldn't really care except that everyone I work with is high fashion (I shoot fashion now for major labels) and I dont want my studio to look bad just because I look sloppy. I dont even care about label, I just want to look up to date and nice and stuff. Ya know? ps plz tell all your sf homofriends to shop with me kthx. I know you homos are all one big network can you just like send out a message to the secret homo channel or something?
i could probably help but you'd have to do a lot of trying on! old navy jeans wear out in the ass for me, like right where your ass hits your thighs
omg i would love to shop with you! :D Yeah for me its always knees, im always having to kneel down to shoot or switch lights or whatever and they end up ripping there really fast. then it just rips bigger and bigger, my last pair are totally shredded from like thigh to calf.
Stores I love because they're easy for my non-girly self to shop in for girl clothes:
- The Gap. Sizing is easy, the clothes are classically stylish more than trendy, and they last.
- NY & Company. Inexpensive casual professional stuff. Also would be good for you if you are small enough to shop in the children's section, because they do pants in short, average, and tall lengths.
my problem is that nothing ever REALLY fits. im oddsized (extremely short but long legged) so usually I end up buying kids clothes but even then they dont fit so well. Now I want to look well put together, and you cant do that in jeans with carebears on the ass.
im oddsized (extremely short but long legged)

Have you tried 7 for All Mankind? I've always had trouble finding jeans that fit (thin 5'2" boys are like no ones main demographic), but their stuff is almost always perfect except for the length, and all of the stores that sell them through in the tailoring free (at least here in Detroit).
i got to SMU which is like rich bitch central for the midwest and 575 jeans are very popular and look pretty awesome (trust me, I spend a lot of time looking). Dunno if that's your price range though.

express never fits me tho, too long in the leg always. i wear their suits, but tailored, for jeans that never looks good.
I hear there's an awesome Forever 21 in the city in Union Square, by the Powell street BART station. I haven't been there, but I'm a huge proponent of Forever 21. Relatively cheap and interesting stuff.
they NEVER fit me tho. im small but leggy and their stuff always is for short people with short legs. wanna join us on a shopping trip downtown sometime soon?
That makes sense, about Forever 21 pants. I am short and have short legs, no wonder they fit! And I would absolutely love to go on a shopping trip. My phone number is 510 504 4949, let me know details when you know them!
American Eagle srsly has the best jeans ever, and they fit really well. If you have Value City out there in CA, go there - they sell overstock from AE, so you can find jeans for under $20. Stay away from Abercrombie. Levi's are another good one, and Sam's Club sells em for ~$20/pair.
Agree that AE generally fit well, I always said the same thing. They always started falling apart on me in like 4 months tho.
so people tell me i'm pretty GQ =[
I'm guessing it's pretty casual since you can wear jeans, but I'm a big fan of Banana Republic jeans. J Crew isn't too bad either. They also have nice non-jean causal pants too if you have to be causal but not jean causal. There's a Banana Republic and J Crew pretty much right next to each other in Burlingame across from the Mac store. And check out Copenhagen bakery...yummy yummy treats there.

btw Marc Jacobs use to design for someone else before he went out on his own...can't remember who, maybe Isaac Mizrahi. I'm probably wrong about Mizrahi, but I remember Jacobs cause my sister was all into fashion and loved him.
#1 dont let a homofag help you shop, they are usually on meth and poppers.
#2 dont let a frugal 'practical' chick give you advice, shes usually ugly
#3 if we get high on drugs ill go shopping w/ u
bcbg and lvuitton do set a sort of standard for women's fashion. however, the label is important but it's not the most important thing - go for a similar look/colors using basics and accessorize appropriately.

high fashion for a girl of your sorts would mean black gucci loafers, white or grey pressed pants, pink high-collar blouse with matching purse, and a black cardigan sweater. note how i only used one label in that sentence.

if i were you, i'd check out the clothing on - at least as a comparison to union street or union square.

you already have good fashion sense - even if it's highly remniscient of the goth and raver days long past the majority of us. just apply similar techniques... soon enough you'll be buying your own high-quality fabrics at merchandiser/buyer prices and having a seamstress or designer match the pieces to your body type and personality.
i dont want high fashion. i could care less about fashion. i just dont know about it. but i need a pair of jeans to wear for work where i work around a ton of fashion people, so i need to know what looks good these days. i typically wear my ex or current boyfriends castoff jeans (i think all of my current jeans fit that except one) so i want to know what to buy for something to wear around work that will fit my awkward body type and still look nice. im not changing what i wear all the time. i like hello kitty too much.
oh i can help with this! something that I am good at!

7 is great

i also like Apple bottoms

I like iT! jeans and Roxy jeans too. Roxy is fun.. cuz it's beach/surfer girl stuff. Nordstrom has all of it.

BUT my fave brand of jeans is Citizens of Humanity

they are a lil more expensive, but GREAT! i've had my 3 pairs of YEARS!

Check out the Nordstrom Denim guide for more info

i hate spending money on clothes.. but i figure that it's better to buy something a lil more expensive.. that way it'll last longer and you don't have to buy as many.

Since this post is from a while ago.. what did you end up buying?