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The Burning Pyre of the Archangel

The Burning Pyre of the Archangel, originally uploaded by hep.

After getting busted by the cops, we built two fires, one the secret drinking at fire, and the second the Christian Singalong fire which would give the signal if the cops were coming. The signal was "Where's my cigerettes?" leading to many amusing false alarms which we decided were disaster drills like in grade school. Duck and cover under your desks kids. Later when we ran out of wood, we abandoned the decoy fire and cannibalized it for the remaining partly burned wood. This is a picture of some of the logs being dumped off the grill that was used to carry them across the frozen wastes. [exp 6 (0.167 sec) @ f/4]

Really nice photos. Definitely reminds me of bonfires and drinking on the beach.
That is the best picture, all those arcing sparks are great, but the rectilinear shape of the grill just makes it super! You do know that we analyze starlight to determine temperature and elements present, that's fun, but the beach looks funner.
We're thinking of a bonfire for the joint graduation party on June 10th. You and the little ones should come (since this is me we're talking about, it probably will be "appropriate" for them).