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Apple Camp!

Apple Campers!, originally uploaded by hep.

I registered the children for Apple Camp today. They will be attending the Downtown SF Store in late July. Zoe and Evan will be doing the Podcast and iWeb workshops while Zaney will be doing the Movie and Music workshops. Those of you with kids sign up soon, because space is running out. If you want to try and get into the ones we are in the dates are:

Movie: 7/19
Podcast: 7/24
Music: 7/26
iWeb: 7/27

THAT is the guy who should be representing all mac people in the new ad campaign.
you left your children with the spawn of satan??
i want my mother to sign me up for apple camp! i just got one and have no fucking clue how to use it.
of course podcasting is useful to children. you are falling into the trap of thinking about the internet as an adult instead of as a child. these days in the school my kids go to, many kids have ipods. i would say most. and the rest of the kids, while not owning an ipod of their own, have parents with an ipod and certain playlists specifically for the children. Kid A makes a podcast and puts it up. Then Kid A tells all his little friends on aim (they ALL have aim) and emails his other little friends. At school he has the address to the podcast written down in his binder, and he gives it to the rest of his friends. They all download it, and make their own podcasts and swap them, and most importantly, save me MONEY by NOT USING ALL MY FKN BLANK CDS SO THEN I HAVE TO GO TO COMPUSA AT LIKE 8:59PM IN MY PAJAMAS BECAUSE I HAVE A PRESENTATION DUE TOMORROW AND I NEED TO BURN IT TO CD TONITE. Hypothetically speaking of course.

but really, podcasts can be pretty useful to kids. Record yourself reading their favorite book so they can follow along and learn to read. Have them create podcasts for family far away (this is really the best one and what i assume apple is gearing them for) Create podcasts specifically as birthday gifts for friends at school. im assuming apple will be incorporating all the new podcast features available in itunes to make it super easy and integrated and further brainwash the children into believing that apple is the one true way. i love macs.