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CAMPATHON 2: THIZZLECTRIC BOOGALOO, originally uploaded by hep.

Campathon is over and we have returned from our Odyssey to the woods. I am still sleeping it off today before heading back to work tomorrow but I am going to try to post a couple favorites from the 100 shots I uploaded over the next few days. The entire set is here for your viewing pleasure. I didn't think that this year could beat last year (where, for those unaware, I met yuriy for the first time and pretty much fell in love with him in the first ten minutes. He moved in with me, leaving his entire life in OC a month later and now, almost a year later I don't think things have ever been awesomer) but this year was even more of a blast I think. It's hard to compare the two since each time there is a new set of injokes to build on, and new people coming along. Last year I was completely falling for someone, and you know the saying "It will never be as good as the first time". But this year it was pretty much the Trip that Ruined Everyone in that - without exception - everyone got wasted. This year we spent a lot more time socializing and hanging out with other people and doing things other than each other. Each trip is like apples and oranges tho, there are different awesome things that happen and you can't compare the two. I can't wait for next year. I am also planning a campout for my birthday this year, details to be released soon. I will write more later, I have plenty of stories and amusing events to relate, I need to nap a bit longer first tho.

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This year we spent a lot more time socializing and hanging out with other people and doing things other than each other.

are you glad I couldn't make it now? lol
I have never really been camping... but i kinda wanne go.

you two look real sweet together. You can see how happy you make each other. btw did you change your hair color?
yeah we do make each other really happy. its pretty awesome.

my haircolor is the same, its just darker after winter. its my natural color, but it will lighten up when it gets more sun
whenever I look at pix of people who are with someone they love i can tell because it's written all of their face... it's like they are saying "I am home" - and that's what this pix reminded me of.

feel great huh? everyone should be so lucky.