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joe took this super cute picture of yuriy and me at the cracktory party saturday night. The party was super awesome, lots of people I adore seeing and talking with, lots of time spent in the hot tub relaxing, and lots of time just cuddling up and hanging out with yuriy which is pretty much my favorite hobby.

On another note, Yuriy and I have recently been talking about starting up some kind of running Sunday Brunch outing. We really enjoy getting up late on Sundays and heading out to one of the awesome brunch places that SF has so many of (Kate's Kitchen, Zazie, the Ramp, Liberty Cafe, etc) and trying new places to add to our list. If any of you would be interested in this sort of thing, please let me know. We can try a new place sometimes, and hit an old favorite sometimes. Even *I* sometimes like a Sunday morning mimosa!
Yay! It was good to see you Saturday night :) Thanks for dragging me into the hot tub, it was super nice!!
hehe i had a blast! yuriy said you hugged him before he left and he thought it was super cute
it was so super fun tho! we should totally hang out more, we can even head to the Beast cuz yuriy hasnt hardly been there at all

cutest picture ever! I would like to return to crackistan, hopefully as a smuggler and not a beggar next time.
dotties on jones is a great place, but probably better for just the two of you than for a group.