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.eu bound

.eu bound, originally uploaded by hep.

evan, zane, and zoe are on their way to croatia today for a little under

two weeks. 6am at sfo is too early without coffee.

6am anywhere without coffee is too early, let alone an airport.
people pay top dollar for american kids over there
I hear it's because of all the high fructose corn syrup in their bodies.
Any airport at 6AM without coffee is too early. I can't wait until Friday, when I shall be at the airport at 5AM for my flight to San Jose. WHEE
How exciting! is this their first time there? make them wave to Hungary for me!
So how many hours of labor is that?
How much are you getting for them?

Ok, really, why are your children going to Croatia without you?
perfect opportunity
hey while the kids are gone, wanna have a lil eel party?
i'll bring the camcorder!
wow that's a nice american flag gap hoodie there. hello croatia! hulugalugalugaluga!@