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This is the best news article I have ever read

Transvestite gang pesters Magazine Street

Some choice quotes:

In the ensuing weeks, the gang of transvestites continued their reign of terror. Sometimes they come dressed as men, though Bonga said it is obvious who they are based on their delicately plucked eyebrows. Sometimes they bring 2-year-old children to add to the level of distraction. They once returned to Vegas holding an infant that really was a Cabbage Patch doll wrapped in a blanket.

Ogle gave police a description of the perpetrators — African-American males ranging in height from 6 feet to 6-5. They all wore the same midriff shirts and wigs with twisted, dreadnaught hair.

“A couple weeks ago, a group of them was outside and one looked like the guy who came in here and ripped us off so I locked the door on them,” Celino said. “I know maybe that’s rude, if they really were innocent people, but there’s nothing else we can do. You look like the queens who ripped us off so I’m sorry but I have to lock the door.”

Ogle and Bonga say they regret being forced to resort to such profiling but they feel they have no other choice. The transvestites, Ogle said, appear to be drug-addicted and fearless in their lust for designer shoes, jackets and jewelry.

“They’re kind of confused because they think they’re women so they don’t mind hitting women, but they’re dudes. If you get hit by one it’s like getting hit by a dude."
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Hahahaha "Next door at Winky’s, Bonga heard people screaming inside Vegas, then saw a blur of cheap wigs and masculine legs in designer shoes streak past her door."

Also.. "When Lewis co-owned Trashy Diva, they attacked one of her partners in the French Quarter location, throwing her to the ground and tossing a heavy mannequin on top of her."

What do you expect when you name your store "Trashy Diva"?
Oh, I remember The Trashy Diva! I think I got a piece of vintage from them when I was younger. Nice gals.

This is all very simple: Guns. Get some. Shoot them. Its fucking New Orleans, for Pete's Sake!
yeah, people with dreadnaught hair suck but not nearly as bad as those with aircraft-carrier hair - they're the *worst*!. ..
Well, it's nice to see NOLA getting back to normal after Katrina.