zb are you a total dumbshit? i was NOT talking about the shooting. i was talking about what the ANCHORS SAID on camera at the end of the piece.

anchor one: I don't understand, they have the jackets on that say press, they have the colors, its international


anchor one: right. but this is israel...

try not to be such a total fucking predictable douchebag. why dont you go back to writing stories about bad sex and leave the social commentary to those that understand it kthx.
zb dont you have some old lady you are supposed to be strangling or something? you are way too predictable.
Hehe my favourite bit was:

"If you're somebody and you're a long ways away and you just see something and you don't know who it is sometimes you just start shooting"

War zones are fun! Let's all visit one and sensationalize it OW OW OW MY
i can't stand those armchair commanders. "run away! get safe!" duh. if israel wanted these guys dead, they'd be dead. bullets communicated "get lost" just fine.
I'm sure it was a harmless mistake. Hey, who out there doesn't feel like shooting at Fox News at least some of the time? :-)
The Department of Homeland Security has duly noted your opinion, Citizen.

An operative will be dispatched to your location within the next 48 hours to assist you in volunteering for a special patriotic focus group, so that we can ensure that the views of everyday Americans represent those expressed in our nation's many and varied news outlets: CNN and Fox News.

When your doorbell rings, it is suggested that you remove any jewellery (and electronic devices that might be disrupted by an electrical charge) from your person, open the door and remain calm.
Hmm... do I bake a cake for something like this?

Or does the gestapo DHS prefer pies?