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Since a good friend is about to move up here to SF from LA, and another good friend just moved out, I figured it was time to post the annual OFFICIAL MAP TO SF - AKA THE ONLY REFERENCE YOU WILL EVER NEED TO LIVE HERE
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hahaha love it ! As a 4th gen, San Francisan, absolutely love it, I could add some stuff too.

Yes, keep telling the new people there are no bars in the mission or Noe Valley!
There was a somethingawful forum thread about a year ago that was titled something like "MSPaint a map for the place you live" that spiraled way out of control.
I don't recall the exact title and sadly I don't have an url saved to that thread. I'm pretty sure it went gold so it might be in comedy goldmine.
I'm going to contract you out for all the cities I intend to visit (regardless if you've actually been there) because who can go wrong with that map of SF? It's pretty much dead on.
My friend lives by the big bug! That is some awesome mspaintskilz, I recognized it immediately.
I only really got to see the cubicles (and electric crickets) part of SF when I visited :-( Didn't get mugged walking back from clubs at 4am, though - a lot of people up and out of their cardboard boxes at that hour seemed to be weirded out when you were wearing a suit jacket, walking somewhere at night and still seemed happy and friendly towards random strangers.

(Also, McDonalds + Pagoda = WTF)