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heppy birthday to me!

fireworks, originally uploaded by hep.

Today is my 12th birthday! Yay! This year I want a PONY!

Or if you can't manage that, please send me a kit consisting of some or all of the following to

1 mp3 of your current favorite song
1 jpg of yourself with a sign saying "happy birthday hep!" or some variation thereof
1 amusing anecdote that has occured to you in the past week. Bonus points for inclusions of current popular memes or all time classic memes or trolls.

Hugs and kisses to all of the internets.

ok, I don't have my camera but i can edit photos of me getting attacked by matt with pillows while extremely drunk:

here's an mp3 for you: My Favorite - Le Monster

funny anecedote: I'm fighting with my 9 year old yesterday and she goes, "Mom, aren't you being a little harsh?" Oh the flood of LJdrama memories!
Amusing anecdote
In case the pony isn't quite right.

I passed my final exam for kilt-inspecting school this weekend :-)
Happy Birthday
If I had all the money in the world I would send you a box containing:

1 flannel shirt
1 pair scuffed Doc Martens
1 CD "Ten"
approximately 3 packages of RED Kool Aid
1 couch, preferably with a view of Humbolt Street
"Baby Sitting Services" so you can go on Prog with the Bell ringers
*NB by baby sitting, I mean stuffing your spawn full of fudge, running in the Dragon Maze and returning said spawn oversugared and under-rested
1 fancy pants Sushi dinner with tasty sushi of all sorts
1 jar kosher dill pickles
1 jar of marinara


Happy Birthday!

This is the true best week ever. My best friend's birthday is tomorrow and mine is Wednesday. I just added you, so you don't know me or my friend, but trust me... we make the world awesome.
With a username like promiscuousgirl, the only thing you and hep are filling the world with is illegitimate children.

I'm not really involved in anything else. I was thinking maybe something from the comedy scene...or, if all else fails, prolly just jameth's journal.
I am coming down this weekend!! I also dropped a card in the mail for you, you should get it before I get there :)))
we were gonna go to defcon this wknd, but instead we decided to stay here and celebrate my bday. Are you coming to toorcon/ed retreat in sept? also we have monies for you, and you can help me plan remodeling the living room!