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I have a hard time deciding which of the children is the most funny. Zoe has an excellent sense of comedic timing, and, thanks to endless hours of disney and nickelodeon kidcomedies, knows several quips for every situation. She also has a pretty good sense of irony for a kid. She is pretty mature too, seeming older than Evan at times. Zoe rules!

seems to me...
my niece is the same way. My sister says the same thing about her daughter. She thinks the same about her daughter over her son, even though her son is older.
Re: seems to me...
I think it's because Zoe has poise too. And a grasp of social nuance, as in, some things have a subtext. I think this is also a result of many hours spent watching hilary duff and whoever else. Evan tends to spend his tv choices on cartoons like invader zim. Watching kids learn about social behavior is pretty interesting.
Re: seems to me...
oh yes. watching my niece interact with her female friends is way different than the way the boys interact.

I think the girls learn a lot from each other as the boys tend to have the virtual pissing contest, but that could just be me.