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Evan's sense of humor is very kidlike. He doesn't really understand that there is an ironic or subcontext to a lot of things without elaborate explaination. Generally Evan is more drawn to typical kid cartoons as opposed to kids psuedoadult shows (typical kids cartoons are more about situations than relations. Whereas in cartoons the charactors generally stay fixed, with situations instead revolving around the characters. In the kids psuedoadult shows, its more about the character development and their responses to situations, ie how they grow as a character more than just how they get out of this episodes fiasco). He likes Invader Zim a lot. Evan likes to collect jokes as well, so if you know any good kids jokes, let me know. Evan isn't immature so much as not mature yet if that makes sense. He doesn't revel in being juvenile and shocking, he just isn't yet fully aware of other social worlds. Of the three he is the most kidlike, tho is is as of late, slowly starting to make the change, gaining new personality facets and new observational information since he started Jr. High. Evan rocks!

Why do all your kids look EXACTLY like you. You never were pregnant were you? You just had them genetically engineered to be little Heps.
Henny Youngman joke: My wife called and said, "There's water in the carburator." I said, "Where's the car?" She said, "In the lake."
why are there fences around graveyards?. . . 'cuz people are dying to get in. . .
Cute kid.
I was pretty much like Evan when I was that age. Junior high was when I started becoming aware of the world around me too.

I'm still a kid at 44.
Two sausages were frying in a pan.
The first sausage looked at the other and said "Man, it's hot in here!"
The second sausage looked back at the first one and said, "oh my GOD, A TALKING SAUSAGE!!!"