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zaney, originally uploaded by hep.

Zaney has the best sense of overly dramatic responses for comedic effect. She is probably a pretty good mix of Evan and Zoe's respective humor because girls mature faster than boys so right now she is making the jump between being a kid and growing into her own personality and taste. She is also the most comfortable being the center of attention which helps her deliver her dramatic scenes (not in a serious dramatic way, just like, when she askes for candy and i say no, she falls to her knees, raises her fists to the sky and cries out "NOOOOOOOOO!" for the joke.) without faltering out of embarrassment. Her face is extremely expressive as well which helps her physical comedy. She can do really good impressions and is the best at giving comebacks during insult wars between the children due to her amusingly expressive deliveries. Viva Zaney!

Zaney puts the "Z" in ZOMG.

Totally adorable and explanatory pic.

And she looks just like her mom at the moment snapped.