i agree it's best of breed on this popular image.

though i regret losing the zombie child's eyes.
how secretly gay is the pudgy harry potter on the right? so gay.
Totally. He's so going to be out cruising Pennsylvania's truck stops for crystal meth and cock*, then going to see his cute little girlfriend who's going to be so impressed with his Christian virtue. I mean, he doesn't pressure her for sex before marriage at all! He barely touches her!

* Possibly running into Pastor Ted in the process.
This is not funny. Our nation lost perhaps its finest Senator thanks to the liberal media and its lies. This brave man buried one of his children with his own hands in a cigar box and stood up for legislation against bestiality. How dare you make fun of him and his rich white family!
Where is the original picture and who exactly are the people pictured? I don't live in the American continent, so please enlighten me.

This is the first post of yours I've been able to view without my computer rebelling like an uppity negro. You and your pictures.
dude, the girl looks almost amish. puff sleeves, matching headband, matching doll... anybody who'd dress his daughter like that just for a political image deserves to lose an election.