This product gave me diarrhea. My brother got cholera, my mom got the measles and my sister broke her arm. Soon after, we lost a wagon wheel and a thief stole 3 oxen.

having been in tuscany and had whole milk there, i vouch for its worthwhileness.
hey, i dunno if you care but that gruntle email addy of yours seems to be down at the moment. . . either that or hotmail is having a little brain fart right now. . .
"bovine extract"???

do you mean "Milkfat"??? 'cause I think there was already a band named that.

"luxury"??? do you mean "fancy couches"??? 'cause I heard that some people do dirty things on them.
if you dont be good im going to start reminiscing old faire memories in my lj starting with a certain jester minivan incident! :D
Man, it's too bad you don't run anymore... some serious drama is going down at <lj user='booju_mooju"> involving racism and the LJ Abuse team. If you care at all, this sums up where it starts rather nicely. Since that debacle, nearly 300 people have migrated to a new community because the moderators at booju_mooju at racist, and all shit is hitting the fan with the baby-momma-drama communities and blackfolk.
LJD will be back in black soon. we are curently looking for writers.