This is so funny. About four years ago I ended up on Hal Turner's shit list after I wrote a story about a 4.0 high school student who wanted to go to college and is the child of undocumented immigrants. I didn't take a side one way or the other, but just reporting the story got me labeled as a liberal media whore by Turner. I treasured that memory :-)
Hal Turner is a god damn American Hero. You jealous nobody liberal shitbirds better sit back down in the backseat you've been riding in your entire lives. Fucking morons.
my problem with hal is not that he is a racist. its the fact that he is an internet tough guy. he googles a picture of a kid with a bloody face and claims he did it. he links the fbi site to his for credibility. and he says he speaks out against violence on children, but then threatens minors with bodily harm on his site. hes a hipocrit e and an idiot. it has nothing to do with his "beliefs".