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Ottawa river with ice

Ottawa river with ice, originally uploaded by flyingspores.

My friend bleep shot this on b&w film which he hand developed and printed himself before scanning and uploading to flickr. When he was showing me this evening, while I was going thru the images, I momentarily forgot what exactly I was looking at, and reflexively went "where the FUCK IS THE EXIF DATA" and I was REALLY ANGRY for a second before I realized what I was doing. And then IRLOLed. The End.

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That's going to drive me hell of crazy if I ever get around to scanning all my old 35mm stuff in, so much data to input.

Btw, do you have a favorite flash bracket? I'm mulling over several of them and need to make a decision soon, but most photogs I personaly know don't ever use them.
heh i never use flash brackets either. its rare that i use a bracketable flash anyway. if i am shooting with lights, im shooting with a light rig. otherwise i want as little as possible to carry around.
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