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We of ED are currently working on a new informative project for the internet: the iDHS. Please comment here and list any diseases or disorders you have ever heard anyone claim on the internet for attention! Think of help you will give future myspacers and ljemos to diagnose their fake diseases! The wackier the better too. Thxu!
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on cutter comms about half the posters claim to be bipolar
but that's probably accurate
lol crazies
poor circulation



custody battles

sexual abuse




bi-polar disorder

and I can't figure out a name for it, but it must be a disease when people can only post song lyrics to explain how they feel.

hahahaha i have tourettes and for serious :( i've never heard anyone else claim they have TS... it's always epilepsy, anorexia and bi-polar ;_;
I was all ready to jump in with Asperger. Dammit. It's the new, trendy version of I'm shy and obsessive, but look! ASSperger is like autism, so it like makes you smart and stuffs, too.

So lame.

My other personal fav is fibromyalgia, or as I like to call it:
  • Attention Monger's Disease
  • What Doctors Call It When They Can't Figure Out That You're Just an Attention Whore Syndrome
As for the song lyrics to explain how they feeling? Chronic Emo-ism.

These are greatly exaggerated, if actually dx'ed, and most people like to self-dx these with a quickness.
any disease that Denny Crane has on "Boston Legal" ...
starting with the Mad cow.....
small weewee
q-tip addiction
excessive eyebrow plucking
brain-eating worm
intestinal parasites
packrat syndrome
chronic leon trotskys
narcolepsy! duh.

(and it helps that I just saw it in someone's profile.)