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Indiefest 2007

Here is my official Indiefest WANT TO SEE list. As usual I will probably make three of these. However:

The Ballad of Greenwich Village
“[The film’s] passionate interviews rule: Tim Robbins…Woody Allen… Maya Angelou (feeling like ‘Brer Rabbit in the brier patch’). In 70 minutes, partly filled with archival Kodachrome’s soft rosy glow, Kramer filters down an enormous history. Think of having to choose just one Washington Square protest, one NYU takeover, one drag queen, one Living Theater performer jumping up and down and screaming.” – Toni Schlesinger, Village Voice
Victoria Theater 2/9/2007 4:30 PM
2/11/2007 9:30 PM

The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
Thrill to the strange adventures of Tex Kennedy after the great nation formerly known as the United States collapses completely. By the year 2097, history has begun to unfold again in New America. The survivors are re-emerging from the ashes to take (by any means necessary) their rightful places as the founding fathers of a brutal and bizarre new nation.
Victoria Theater 2/10/2007 2:15PM
2/17/2007 7PM

Dante's Inferno
Dante’s Inferno is a unique, subversive, darkly satirical update of the original 14th century literary classic. Sporting a hoodie and a hellish hangover, Dante (Dermot Mulroney, last heard at IndieFest in Bill Plympton's “Hair High”) wakes up in a strange part of town. The first guy he sees is the ancient Roman poet Virgil (James Cromwell, “The Queen,” and “The Revenge of the Nerds”), wearing an industrial-strength mullet and a brown bathrobe. With limited options, Dante follows Virgil on a darkly comedic travelogue of the underworld.
Victoria Theater 2/9/2007 7PM

Welcome to Willard, a small town lost in the idyllic world of the 50s, where the sun shines every day, everybody knows their neighbor, and domesticated rotting zombies carry the mail. Thanks to ZomCon’s patented domestication collar, zombies make excellent gardeners, milkmen, servants, even pets.
Roxie Cinema 2/18/2007 7PM

Inland Empire
The movie tells the story of an actress, Nikki Grace (the extraordinary Laura Dern), who is signed to star in a movie that her neighbor (in a gloriously bizarre turn by Grace Zabriskie) warns her is based on a gypsy curse. The story unfolds like a Chinese box, a film, within a film that flows back and forth from Hollywood to Poland and from real to surreal. And then there are the giant talking rabbits. Lynch’s cinema works at a level below rational inquiry. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.
Castro Theater 2/8/2007 7PM

The Third Eye
“The Third Eye” follows hipster photojournalist Nika Printz as she desperately searches to uncover the true circumstances surrounding the mysterious and tragic death of her younger brother at the underground club The Rabbit Hole. As the first anniversary of his death approaches, Nika starts to notice strange details and clues from her own photographs that lead her to believe that Jake was into something far more terrifying than just drugs. As she begins to piece together the shattered truth, Nika’s suspicions rise and she questions the actions of those she believed to be closest to her. Throughout her journey, she is haunted by nightmares in which she is helpless and always unable to save Jake from his own destructive nature. To see the truth you must open your eyes.
Victoria Theater 2/9/2007 9:30PM
2/11/2007 2:15PM


Stalking Santa
In 1949, world famous explorers Robert Walters and Aaron Garner set out to document their Polar expedition and were never heard from again. 26 years later, just 3.2 kilometers south of the North Pole, their film camera was recovered. That footage was confiscated by the U.S. Government. Now, after nearly 40 years of litigation by the Garner Estate and due to the recent Supreme Court Freedom of Information Act Ruling, the footage has finally been made public. What did Aaron Garner catch on film at the North Pole four decades ago? Why did the government cover it up? Representatives of the Garner Estate refuse to comment on or endorse any theories or conclusions implied by the images found in this footage.
California Theater 2/12/2007 7PM
Roxie Cinema 2/13/2007 7PM
2/18/2007 4:30PM

Unholy Women
“Unholy Women” is an omnibus film—three stories by three directors. Each tells the horrific tale of a woman, who for one reason or another, becomes very very scary.
California Theater-Berkeley 2/12/2007 9:30PM
Roxie Cinema 2/14/2007 9:30PM
2/17/2007 11:45PM

Neighborhood Watch
Bob and Wendi Petersen are starting a new life, away from the crime and violence of the big city. What more could a young couple want than a spacious company home on peaceful Wormwood Drive? The community quickly opens its arms to the new arrivals, and Adrien Trumbull, the guy across the street, drops in to welcome them with a box of handmade chocolates and a few kind words of introduction. They gratefully accept his neighborly hospitality, blissfully unaware that behind Adrien's warm grin (and his front door) lurk perversity, madness and miasma. Never take candy from neighbors.
Roxie Cinema 2/9/2007 11:45PM
Victoria Theater 2/17/2007 9:30PM

‘Rolling’ is a film that explores a subject that other films only touch upon. (The use of) MDMA (Ecstasy) is, without question, one of the most significant drug phenomena in human history. Despite this, there has yet to be a fictional film that focuses on the drug or, more specifically, the users’ experiences with the drug. It is our belief that audiences are long overdue for a film that fully explores Ecstasy.
Victoria Theater 2/11/2007 7PM
2/17/2007 4:30PM
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