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science fair

science fair, originally uploaded by hep.

evan's science fair was tonite at his school. he did his project on comparing different fin types on model rockets of the same weight and style.

Evan in '08. Only a visionary as such who understands Earth to Moon travel can protect us.
I'm wondering what the results of his experimentation were, and whether he got recognized for his work.

That'd be cool.
two questions:

1. in a nutshell (if you have him reply, have him pretend to be an eloquent feynman and me be a retarded congressional investigative committee), what factors increased and decreased fin performance?. . .

2. why do the two shots of your younglings look kind of crappy?. . . cameraphone?. . .
I will have him reply to question one. as for two, yeah, i have been too tired to carry my d50 to everything lately (since i have been walking around town a lot instead of driving since its like 1mi across lol) and even tho we have like 4 normal digicams the kids usually grab them. I actually had a clearer, and better white balanced shot, but I liked his smile in this one more. The sk3 camera isnt so bad when its outside or real light situations, but it handles white balancing very poorly (it basically applies a green/blue filter when whitebalancing to lowlight)
We are anonymous, for we are many.
My second cousin beat a kid up at a science fair one time. When I asked her the reason for such ridiculous behavior, she replied, and this is testament to her being awesome, that she did it for the lulz. She's seven years old, and I'm a bad influence.