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Basically seeing underworld live was like a religious experience and I won't bother to explain it all here, becuz you really had to be there to understand.

Given that Everything Everything is the best live album I've ever heard, I'd believe it.

I had the same kind of thing when I saw VNV Nation live. Some music is just better live, when you can feel the beat.
for a horrible, horrible moment, i thought you meant the movie underworld, and i was going to have the paperwork started to get you committed.
oh my god you of all people should NOT HAVE THOUGHT THAT FIRST
Been there, done that. bought the t-shirt, drank the free water and japanese food being sold by the strange vendors in the arena in tokyo when I saw them last.

Also I met a cute girl who used me to find her friend in the crowd... she climbed up on my shoulders ( me being 6'5" of course) so she could see over the crowd. Still, a good time was had by all... even the kittens.