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Kids Halloween 07

Kids Halloween 07, originally uploaded by ryoshio.

happy day after halloween folks. the kids were: evan - zombie soldier, zane - witch, and zoe - punk rock bat girl.

A zombie soldier? So young to be making such social commentary! But more importantly, do the devil-girl's boots come in a men's size 10?
If you're serious about the fluffy 'boots' (which I think you are) they're prolly just legwarmers (I'm pretty sure cause Zoe here got them after she saw mine!)- search on ebay for fluffies /fluffy / furry legwarmers. Adjimba I think is the brand I wear- they come from the uk but they're a super good price even with overseas shipping and super nice fluffies. Sometimes people don't use hi quality fur so be discriminating or they hang on your legs like dead skin.
Anyway, you wear them with whatever shoes you want, and order them to fit your calf, custom length and girth.