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If you are a) lacking something to do and/or b) at all a stephen king fan in any way and/or c) a fan of horror movies go see The Mist RIGHT FUCKING NOW. It's so good. I am a huge King fan (for the Roland lovers out there, there are Dark Tower refs in the first 10sec of the film) and this is my all-time favorite King short (I tend to think his short fiction is far better than his full-length work, the Dark Tower series aside which is his finest work ever) and The Mist was my absolute favorite of his short stories. It scared me so bad when I was younger. cj_ and I had this recording on tape of him reading it, and we would listen to it when the crazy California tully fog would roll in at which point I would refuse to set foot outside until it cleared. I highly recommend this film. It is a+++ would see again (and I am going to tomorrow)
oh fuck i love the Dark Tower, but his movies can be so horrible I was afraid it would suck. my roommate and i will definitely go see it if it is good.
I'm SO psyched for it. I'm curious to see how they expand it into a full movie.

I had no idea that there were Dark Tower refs in it. Now I'm even more excited.

Do you really count The Dark Tower as his best? I loved the first three books but I felt like it kind of fell flat with Wizard and Glass and never really recovered. By the time it got to when Roland and Eddie were visiting young Stephen King in Maine I was pretty much entirely done with it.

I'd personally consider The Shining and The Stand as his best work.
Huh. I had no interest until now.

If friends and I end up not going to see No Country for Old Men maybe I'll go alone to this.
I've heard such mixed reviews about it that I'm unsure.
I liked 1408, though.

Did you see that the graphic novel of the first 7 DT comics is out?