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Dear Internet Diary

four items for your attn:

1. blogs are now internet diaries (or ediary for short)

2. If you would like to receive a seasonal greeting from us in irl mail form, plz leave your mailing address in the screened comments below. Even if you think I have it, I don't. SRY!

3. Holiday greetings of any kind including death threats and anthrax may be posted to: Hep PO Box 402 Brisbane, CA 94005

4. girl games
While the obvious question is what that says about the gaming industry, I'm more concerned with the immediate question about what that says about me.

Better than mama!
when are those fuckers going to come out with the wii version and the pan-chuk wiimote
1. blogs are now internet diaries (or ediary for short)

At last, the circle is complete!
is cooking mama one of those videogames that, while it may be fun, is having you perform actions that you could theoretically do in real life, and thus gives you this nagging feeling in the back of your head that doing the actions in question for reals might be a better use of your time?. . .

kinda like playing guitar hero versus learning to play a real guitar?. . . or playing the sims versus, oh, i dunno, living?. . .
oh shit that's right, i forgot you asked for it a couple of weeks ago. . . you sent the request during a deadline crunch and both the email and sms scrolled off my screens into that dead zone of "messages i need to reply to but never will 'cuz i don't see 'em when i bring up my email app/sms screen". . . sorry!. . .
i think its a game where you cook your mother so whether or not you'd rather do it IRL is really up to you i guess
in that case i hope it contains witty bon mots such as, "yo' mama so fat i cooked her in a george foreman grill so that the fat would roll off onto the handy, easy-to-clean grease tray!". . .
Bratz = HoochieMamaz-in-Training Beezies w/ training wheels :)