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reminder: your plans sat night


A reminder:

Tomorrow night
aka sat the 12th of jan
7 - 11 PM
My good pal Acidjazz's ANSI art show
twenty GOTO 10
697 geary @ leavenworth in SF
google map

featuring ANSIs from legendary artists Somms & Lord Jazz of ACiD.
AJ is documenting the whole process over on as well.
eCelebs of all varieties will be attending including girlvinyl, ghettofinger, weev, aempirei, jameth and probably more.
This is the Internet Event of the Year, do not miss out

If you need assistance with ANSI, please see this informative primer.

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I'm dropping by that event early with camera in hand.
was invited but unfortunately cannot attend due do lack of commuting powers.
Wish I could make it but my transcontinental teleporter isn't working right now :(
depending on whether i am vomiting like i was this afternoon, i may try to make it (early, rather than late)
Oh fuck yeah. I wish i where in SF this weekend. (well, most weekends, really).
i think i shall arrive
please update ur post with my name kthc