i'm pretty sure it was just before 3pm. Right in the middle of OMGSTORM 2k8, so its the last of this part of the storm passing over, and way way way down you can see the next part of the storm coming in.
ugh.. my soul is screaming for that right now. I'm going to Pacifica today.. NEED to get near the coast.. Even tho Mavericks is today, Im sure it shouldn't be that bad
mavericks is AWESOME as long as you arent surfing it right after a storm. i love just going down there to watch it go off.
I know, but it also attracts all the Posers, wannabes and scene beyatches..

I just talked to my brother, (he surfs for Log Shop, Norcal and is part of the Pedro Point Surf Club) even he is keeping clear of the coast..

I just need to go I miss my view from the deck in Ptown but I dont miss all the vortex of dramaz. I'm gonna just go down and try to rejuv :)
too wierd, you must know my bro then.. Leo ? I know all those old salty bastards, my dad was a fireman, he was part of that whole scene, but more of a abalone diver, our whole family are ptowners, I bailed tho..

Octopus Club ownz u ! haha Yeah Im gonna do a hit and run today.

go to Linda Mar and do my rounds, say hi to everyone, try to get Jeff NOT to stick his tongue down my throat... yannow the drill. Do you know Tait?
hmm lets see, i was in pedro pt when i was like 9-13 i would say, so 1987ish - 1991ish? mebbe a little after? Mostly in summers when I would visit my dad. Do you know Scary Larry? He is the guy that drives the white van with the killer whales on the side. thats my dad hehe. He lived in Pacifica for awhile, Linda Mar, three blocks up from the beach by the Dairy. I went to Terra Nova for a semester before i bailed back to sf.
haha I LOVE Ptown.. and the names.. Scary Larry rules, Im sure my brother knows him, love the killer whales on the side action :) I think I rememver him, we lived in ptown since before the pier, we moved there around 1972-73.. My mom and stepdad (dad) met at the pier parade !! They handed out cokes at the sewer woop! My cousin John Scholz went to Terra Nova, we were North Ptown dirty birds, we went to Oceana. Too funny, all the peeps from ptown emerge cool, but only the ones who actually have the balls to go over "the hill" and get out. I lived half in ptown and the other in SF (Cortland) or now its called "Bernal Heights", then various other places around SF with my biodad. Too funny, ptown is incestuous. I had to bail, too much dramaz. Its so beautiful tho, I miss more than anything, driving down sharp park road and seeing the three rocks with the waves.. thats what I'm looking forward to today, then hitting up La Playa next to Norcal, and getting some grub. I love it here where I live, but being a coastgirl, when its time, ya just gotta go. Thanks for that pic, its so beautiful !