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Riot Porn Book

Some friends of mine in Chile have put together a photography book of images from Chilean protests. Some of the money raised from book sales will be put to use for new equipment to replace that destroyed or seized by the police for the upcoming annual March 29th protest, Young Combatants’ Day, which commemorates the slaying of brothers Eduardo and Rafael Vergara Toledo by Augusto Pinochet’s military forces in 1985.

book cover

Our War is a book about the repression, resistance and struggle of people in Chile and the paths they take in the search for social justice.

This work is created as a means to raise money for projects related to political photography. All photos included can also be found for free on the Indymedia Santiago website. If you choose to buy a copy of this book, it is simply a way to support independent media.

You can help buying the book here.

You can also help by favoriting this photo on flickr :)

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